Our Story
Our Story

"Our world is real, yet surreal; classic, yet modern; minimalist, yet opulent."

Gorgeous fashion begins with embracing the heritage of your roots while still finding inspiration within the global culture. Dimple.Amrin is a luxury fashion label that has stayed true to the beauty of India, but has been inspired by cosmopolitans such as London, Paris, Antwerp and New York City.

Drawing upon beauty and sophistication, our classic, breathtaking gowns and dresses feature indulgent tailoring and embroidery techniques not seen the world over.

Each innovative vision from our young designer’s couture-spirit embodies the confident styles of today’s modern woman, yet retains the mastery of the unique and hand- wrought detail that is synonymous with India’s tailoring legacy. A true celebration of femininity and grace, Dimple.Amrin is finding its place amongst fashion’s elite.